Front Room Masters

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Front Room Masters - Fairview Studios 1966-1973
is a double CD containing 42 tracks and 16 page booklet.

It features the following artists:

Mandy and the Girlfriends, The Strollers, Michelle's Musketeers, The Mandrakes, The Small Four, The Gerry Widd Trio, Trevor Hickson, Jerry Page, Keith Hollome, The Bill Kinsey Quintet, Sugar and Spice, The Dave Jackson Group, Michael Chapman, Basil Kirchin, The Mayfair Mecca Bingo Choral Society, Ways n Means, Kaine's Kulture, The Ides of March, DK Duo, ABC, The Rats, The Variations, Terra Nova, The Hammer, The Axe, Karalious, Monto, Matthew and Son, Bare Soul, Bone, Bob Simes, Dave Greaves and Steve Halliwell, Johnny Small and the Little People.

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